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Evony is a simple online Flash-based game of medieval warfare.  It is free to play, and there is nothing in the game that can not be done for free, although you can pay small "microtransaction" fees to gain items that you would otherwise have to work for a chance to obtain.  So you can gain an edge for a small price, if you desire.

There are a lot of things to do in the game, but the general idea is to build resources, use those resources to construct defenses and train troops, and go conquer other people's cities while defending your own.

This content is rewritten from info provided to me by my alliance leader...

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[important color=blue title=Heroes, Mayors, and Building]

The bonuses afforded by a mayor to build/train/research times occurs at the time you build.  So for instance, put your hero with the highest attack as mayor, build troops, then switch back to your high-politics mayor.

Politics: When a Mayor is appointed his Politics level decreases building time and makes your resource collection faster.

Attack: When a Mayor is appointed his Attack level lowers the time it takes to train troops. The higher level Attack, the faster your troops will be trained. The Mayor’s Attack level also helps fortify your city when you are under attack.

Intelligence: When a Mayor is appointed his Intelligence lowers the time it takes to research technology. In addition, if you send a hero with a scouting party, it will reveal more information if it has high Intelligence.


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[important color=blue title=NPC Farming]

  • 20 Ballistas vs Lvl1 NPC
  • 50 Ballistas vs Lvl2 NPC
  • 170 Ballistas vs Lvl3 NPC
  • 250 Ballistas vs Lvl4 NPC
  • 550 Ballistas vs Lvl5 NPC


  • Archery 09 / HBR 05 (Small losses from units but @ tower safe range)
  • Archery 09 / HBR 06 (Small losses from units but @ tower safe range)
  • Archery 09 / HBR 07 (Small losses from units @ tower safe range)
  • Archery 09 / HBR 08 (0 Losses )
  • Archery 09 / HBR 09 (0 Losses )