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You probably already saw the gloves in the pictures of the completed bracer assemblies.

I started with a pair of well-fitting Carhartt work gloves.  I made finger plates out of Sculpy, bake-to-harden polymer clay.  The finger plates weren't strong enough for my tastes, so I glued them to a block of wood, and made a mold, that I could cast 2 fingers at once with.

After casting enough finger plates, it was a 4-man job to finish the gloves.  I had to put the gloves on, while one person mixed small batches of epoxy, and two people positioned and held the plates in place until the epoxy cured (5-min).

The results look very good, especially with the bracers, which cover the back of the hand to the knuckles.  We ended up using a woodburner to obscure the Carhartt logo.