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Technically yes, what I have previously called the "bracers" is the gauntlet portion of the gloves.  What I'm making right here is the actual gloves, that will cover my hand.  They aren't super detailed in in-game pictures, but the look armored, like hockey or lacrosse gloves.

I decided to try making the small armor plates out of Fimo clay.  Fimo is a polymer clay, that can be baked in the oven to harden it.  I made two sets of 3 plates (one plate for each finger segment, two sets).  I also made a Fimo wedge-shaped piece, and baked it with the plates.  I used the wedge to test how easy it was to break it, at various thicknesses.  I was not impressed at all.  One of my requirements for this year's armor was improved strength, and Fimo clay (at about 1/4" thickness) does not meet with the Guido Seal of Approval™.

So I cut a small piece of MDF, and epoxied the plates to it.  I then made a box around the model, and filled it with some liquid silicone mold rubber I had left from last year's costume making activities.  Now I have a mold for the plates, and can just crank them out, 2 fingers at a time, using urethane casting material.